R o s a _ P e r m a n y e r _ L l o v e r a s


c v   permanent works and editions
prizes and distinctions   Work at the Llançà Watercolour Museum, Martínez Lozano, Girona.
    Etchings, Homage to Manolo Hugué, Thermalia Museum, Caldes de Montbui. Barcelona
individual exhibitions   Portfolio of institutional etchings for Caldes de Montbui City Hall. Barcelona
Etching of the Year, AAIP-FAD Fostering Arts and Design, Barcelona.
collective exhibitions   Collection of Art Cards for Telefónica.
    Collection of Etchings for the Catalonia Clock and Watch Fair 2011.
permanent works and editions   Collection of Etchings for the SEBBM Conference on Biochemistry and Molecular Biology BCN 2011.
art fairs