R o s a _ P e r m a n y e r _ L l o v e r a s



Taller d’Art Manolo Hugué, Caldes de Montbui.
Annual courses in printing, photoengraving and non-toxic etching Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. Small groups, young people and adults.


Thermalia Museum, Caldes de Montbui.
Intensive course in photoengraving with solar plates
14 hours, weekend. Spring 2009.


Faculty of Fine Arts, Barcelona.
Demonstration of photoengraving on photopolymer film,
invited by Dr Eva Figueras, Coordinator of the Etching and Printing Unit at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Barcelona. March 2004

Demonstration of photoengraving with yellow polymer and printing with glazes to students of the Masters in Realism and landscape: Creative positions, taught at the Faculty of Fine Arts and coordinated by Dr Eva Figueras Ferrer. January 2010.


Specialist courses at Cercle Artístic de Sant Lluc, Barcelona.
Etching 2 printing and collagraphy Friday afternoon, 28 hours. Autumn 2009. Monotypes, printing and collagraphy Friday morning and afternoon, 28 hours. Winter 2010.
Non-toxic etching, new languages 30 hour course, Thursday afternoon. Spring 2011.
Photoengraving as a complement to graphic work 30 hour course, Friday afternoon. Autumn 2011.
Photoengraving with polymers and polyester lithography Friday afternoon, 30 hours. Winter 2012.


Taller Fort, Barcelona.
Intensive course in photoengraving with yellow polymer. Course in yellow polymer and its use in colour printing, intensive weekend, 12 hours, January 2012, Barcelona.

Image and texture. Photoengraving with polyester litho plate. Cercle Artístic de Sant Lluch, Barcelona. 2013
Intensive course on photoengraving with yellow polymer. Artistic Expression Atellier, Sitges, Barcelona. 2013
Watercolour intiation, Neus Colet artist’s studio Sant Cugat. Barcelona. 2013
Quarterly Creative Watercolour, Taller d’Art Manolo Hugué, Caldes de Montbui, Barcelona. 2013
Big Draw 2013    
Big Draw 2014    
Curs de gravat al Museu Picasso
col·laboració Sant Lluc 2015